Ivy Manor Inn Reservations
Ivy Manor Inn
2015 Rates & Reservations
Quoted rates do not apply to holidays or package rates.
Weddings and Special Event packages arranged separately.
(Rates vary based on room amenities.)
Early Season: May1 - May 20
Queen Rooms: $119,00
King Rooms: $129.00
Early Spring Season: May 21 - June 24
Queen Rooms: $179.00
King Rooms: $189.00
Spring Season: June 25 - July 31
Queen Rooms: $225.00
King Rooms: $245.00
Peak Season: Aug 1 to Sep 5
Queen Rooms: $235.00
King Rooms: $255.00
Late Peak Season: Sep 6 - Oct 5
Queen Rooms: $219.00
King Rooms: $239.00
Late Season: Oct 6 to Oct 25
Queen Rooms: $189.00
King Rooms: $209.00
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