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Pascone’s Ristorante History

Giovanni Pascone was born in Trevico, Italy in October, 1875. At the age of 17 he traveled to Naples,Italy and booked passage to America. He arrived in New York City sometime in 1892. He did not speak English and after being processed with hundreds of other immigrants, made his way to Newark,New Jersey, where he had family and friends. He started out selling fruits and vegetables from a push-cart. His first wife died at a young age. Through friends in the Italian community, who all worshipped at St.Gerard’s Catholic church, he met and married our grandmother, Florence Grillo, who was born in Caposele, Italy, not far from Trevico, although they never knew each other in Italy.
Caposele is also the site of the Sanctuario di St.Gerard, the patron saint of pregnant women and women who want to get pregnant. A million Italian women visit and worship each year at the shrine of St.Gerard.
In 2012, my brother Michael, his daughter Sara and my husband, Bob Stanley and I, visited the birthplace of our grandparents. It was a very emotional and enlightening experience for my brother and me, as well as for Sara to visit the birthplace of her great-grandparents and our grandparents. These small Italian towns were very isolated from mainstream communications in the late 19th century. We are so grateful that our grandparents, Giovanni and Florence Pascone, had the courage to make the arduous journey to America. They had two sons, Patrick and Gerard. Our mother, Geraldine, was the third oldest and had five sisters, Josephine, Graciella, Helena, Anna and Mildred, the youngest. Mildred is 91 years young and resides in Nutley, New Jersey. She remains alert and healthy. She would love to be able to come to Bar Harbor and welcome you to Pascone’s.